each year, Bajans and Friends for Health and Education (BAFFHE) awards a total of two $500.00 scholarships to students of Barbadian Heritage, club members & thier immediate families.


A $250.00 book scholarship is also being awarded in memory of Ivan and Cordelia Daniel.  


Bajans and Friends for Health and Education, Inc. (BAFFHE) will award a total of two $500.00 scholarships.




Bajans and Friends for Health and Education, Inc. (BAFFHE) will award one $250.00 book scholarship on behalf of the family of Ivan and Cordelia Daniel. Ivan and Cordelia came to the US with a vision to change the lives of their children and future generations. Despite the different directions life took them in, they made sure to instill in their family, knowledge of and deep pride in their Bajan heritage.


  • Applicants must be of Bajan Heritage or be a club member or their immediate relative. 
  • The scholarships will be awarded to students who are currently enrolled in accredited institutions of higher learning or who possess a current letter of acceptance.

Applicants for these awards are required to submit:

  • Copies of two letters of recommendation which address the student’s academic performance, his/her contribution to their community, and his/her potential for leadership in the community.  One of those letters must be from an education professional at the school the student currently attends.  Letters from relatives or close friends are not accepted.

  • Applicants currently attending an institution of higher learning must present evidence of continuing matriculation.

  • Applicants who have not yet started coursework must submit a current letter or acceptance.
  • Copy of the applicant’s most recent official transcript or academic record reflecting a current Grade Point Average of 2.5 or higher

Each entry must include:

  • A two page single spaced autobiographical sketch in 11 pt Arial font which should include the applicant’s:

    • Goals and future plans

    • Inspirations and motivators in life

    • Rationale for chosen course of study

    • Sacrifices that were made by family to reach this point

  • Two letters of recommendation

  • Most recent transcript of grades

  • Name, address and current phone number


 Entries will be judged on:

  • Academic performance

  • Completeness of application

  • Clarity of expression of goals and interests

  • Persuasiveness of recommendations


  • Make sure the entry is complete (i.e., you have included all items requested)
  • Make sure that information requested is provided in the format and size/length requested
  • Clearly label each of piece of paper in your entry.  When an item takes up more than a single page, please number each page.
  • Only one entry will considered per individual.


Entries must reach the organization no later than NOVEMBER 1st of the current year. Under no circumstances will this deadline be extended. BAFFHE will not accept responsibility for any event, occurrence, or condition that prevents entries from reaching its PO Box by the stated deadline. No fax entries will be accepted.

Entries should be mailed to: BAFFHE Scholarship Committee: 14011 Clarkdale Avenue, PO BOX 1131, Norwalk, CA 90651


The organization reserves the right not to award any scholarships if the judges determine that no entry reaches a minimal acceptable standard.
The organization reserves the right to use all or part of applicant’s statement (not including personal information) as part of public relations material associated with the scholarships.
Announcements of scholarships winners will be made during the Independence Dance.
Distribution of scholarship monies will be contingent upon actual enrollment and attendance at the institution of higher learning and will be made directly to the student.



Click below to download the Bajans and Friends for Health & Education (BAFFHE)
Scholarship Rules & Application Form.

Bajans & Friends for Health & Education

14011 Clarkdale Avenue
Unit 1131
Norwalk, CA 90651

Phone: (562) 254-5598

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